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Astilbe comes in white, pale and deep pink, lilac and red. Its foliage also comes in a variety of shades and shapes. It can be anything from palest to darkest green or even red.


‘Europa’ and ‘Bressingham Beauty’ are two of the pale pink cultivars we grow.
‘Washington’ and ‘Diamant’ are beautiful white cultivars and ‘Montgomery’ ‘Fanal’ and ‘Rotlicht’ are excellent red cultivars. Our range also includes “Elizabeth’ and ‘Maggie Daley’ in lilac and ‘Bonn’ and ‘Drum And Bass’ in deep pink.


The deep pink ‘Henry Noblett’ is a fairly new cultivar, named after the International Registrar for Astilbe at the Lakeland Horticultural Society, in recognition of his efforts to improve the nomenclature of Astilbe and for collecting the greatest number of different cultivars all over the world.

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